Are You Thinking of Selling or Buying but Worried You Missed The Spring Market?

October 23, 2019 | JoAnne Hamberg
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Regardless of other conditions which change from year to year I have long felt late fall is the best time of the year for buying and selling. 

Although fewer people are house hunting as the winter months approach us, fall is a beautiful time of the year to buy or sell, especially in New England.  The fall foliage and the crisp New England air enhance the natural beauty surrounding your home and welcome home buyers

Benefits for buying:

  • Prices are starting to soften seasonally, and sellers are often more willing to negotiate as they want to sell before winter arrives.
  • Supply is waning, but some sellers are scurrying to list before the holidays and you still have more choices than in the dead of winter and you have a better chance of not losing out in a multiple offer situation and not paying more than list price.

Benefits for selling:

  • Cooler season tends to have a lower inventory, which is good news for sellers. If there are fewer homes listed on the market, you have a less competition.
  • Buyer demand is still high. The bidding wars and rapid price gains are slowing, but sellers can still expect strong demand. Demand is being driven by low supply across the country and more millennials buying homes. expects Millennials to be the largest segment of buyers this year, accounting for 45 percent of mortgages.

There are many mutual benefits for both buyers and sellers in the fall market including potential quicker closings. With the slower seasons we tend to have fewer transaction which can mean quicker closing times.  When lenders have fewer loan to process, attorneys have a fewer closing to attend to and home inspectors have fewer inspections to do, which can all lead to a faster closing for you.  

Buying or selling this fall, let us help negotiate the best deal for you, call our team today (978) 582-4339

JoAnne Hamberg Founder of The Real Estate Exchange
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