Townsend MA Real Estate

Townsend MA Real Estate

Townsend MA Real Estate Zipcode: 01469, 01474

Welcome to Townsend, Massachusetts, a town that embodies a harmonious blend of community spirit and real estate opportunity. Let's delve into the details that make Townsend an attractive destination for residents and potential homebuyers alike.

Median Home Value of Townsend MA Real Estate

Understanding the local real estate market is vital for anyone considering settling in Townsend. Currently, the town boasts a median home value of $425,093. Over the past year, Townsend's real estate market has displayed robust growth, with home values appreciating by a noteworthy 5.7%, as reported by Zillow. This upward trajectory positions Townsend as an enticing choice for those looking to invest in a new home.

Townsend, Massachusetts's estimated population is 9,547 according to the most recent United States Census population statistics.

About Townsend, MA

Townsend's history is a tapestry of stories, with its first settlement dating back to 1676 and its official incorporation taking place in 1732. Notably, Townsend Harbor is a picturesque village within Townsend, featuring Harbor Pond, which was created by damming the Squannacook River. This locale holds historical significance, as it's where Jonas Spaulding and his brother Waldo established a mill in 1873, producing leatherboard crafted from leather scraps and wood pulp. Their business, known as Spaulding Brothers, thrived in the area until 1902. Even today, Townsend Harbor preserves its historical charm.

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Townsend Schools

Townsend takes pride in its educational institutions, with its affiliation with the North Middlesex Regional School District, which serves neighboring towns including Ashby, Pepperell, and Townsend. Here are some of the educational institutions within Townsend:

  • Ashby Elementary School (Ashby)
  • Peter Fitzpatrick School (Pepperell)
  • Spaulding Memorial School (Townsend)
  • Squannacook Early Childhood Center (Townsend), formerly Squannacook Elementary School until 2009
  • Varnum Brook Elementary School (Pepperell), formerly Varnum Brook Middle School until 2009
  • Hawthorne Brook Middle School (Townsend)
  • Nissitissit Middle School (Pepperell)
  • North Middlesex Regional High School (Townsend)

Recreation Areas in Townsend, MA

Townsend boasts a vibrant community life, with Townsend Common serving as the quintessential New England town center. This charming space hosts a variety of community events, from Thursday night summer band concerts to delightful lawn parties and craft fairs. Nature enthusiasts will relish exploring the beautiful walking trails and picnic spots in Townsend, easily accessible at Townsend State Forest, Willard Brook State Forest, Pearl Hill State Park, and Trap Falls.

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