Leominster MA Real Estate

Leominster MA Real Estate

Leominster MA Real Estate Zipcode 01453

Median Home Value for Leominster MA Real Estate

The median home value in Leominster is $407,282. Leominster home values have gone up 6.7% over the past year, per Zillow.

Leominster, Massachusetts Population 2018

Leominster, Massachusetts's estimated population is 41,823 according to the most recent United States Census population statistics.

About Leominster, MA

The town of Leominster was officially incorporated in 1740. Leominster is located north of Worcester and Boston, and both Route 2 and Route 12 pass through Leominster. Interstate 190, Route 13, and Route 117, all have starting and ending points in Leominster.

Throughout the years, Leominster has been known for many things including being the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed. Leominster was well known for its plastic industries and housing companies like Viscoloid company, Foster Grant, and Tupperware. In 1956, the plastic pink flamingo lawn-ornament was invented in Leominster for Union Products. Leominster was also home to the Standard Tool Company and the Whitney Carriage Company, which was once the largest manufacturers of baby carriages in the world.

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Leominster Schools

Preschools: Bennett School and Lincoln School.
Elementary Schools: Fall Brook, Frances Drake School, Johnny Appleseed, and Northwest School Priest Street.
Middle Schools: Samoset School and Sky View Middle School.
High Schools: Center For Technical Education Innovation, Leominster Center for Excellence, and Leominster High School.

Recreational Areas in Leominster, MA

Leominster State Forest is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and fishing. The state forest has everything for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike a segment of the 95-mile Midstate Trail or take a dip in Crow Hill Pond. In the winter, break out your cross-country skis or try a new sport like snowshoeing. Leominster also has several reservoirs, lakes, and ponds. To name a few, there is Rockwell Pond, Pierce Pond, Simonds Pond, Goodfellow Pond, Bartlett Pond, and Rocky Pond. A popular private lake is Lake Samoset.

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