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Cheryl Montesion

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About Cheryl Montesion

Cheryl has been a lifelong resident of Central Massachusetts. Growing up in a family of seven she was brought up with the values of doing what's right and keeping her word. Her dad owned a small landscaping business and Cheryl learned early on that customer service and hard work makes a difference. Like her dad, Cheryl has developed her career established on relationships built on trust and the satisfaction of doing what's right.

Cheryl said "my passion for Real Estate and customer relationships started long ago. At the young age of 20 my husband and I sold our first multi-family and then went on to purchase and sell additional properties. So in 1988 I obtained my Real Estate license and started my career in Real Estate."

'When I met the team here at The Real Estate Exchange I knew I had found a place that I can combine both my passion for Real Estate and my passion for people. I look forward to working hard for my clients and to help them feel that same excitement of ownership.``

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